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 Ian Mackinlay, Manager Organisational Development, Woollahra Council Looking Back – Wins & Losses: Implementing a model for continuous improvement
Ian Mackinlay, Manager Organisational Development, Woollahra Council
In 2010 Woollahra went its own way in developing a model for continuous improvement. It called its approach the ' Best Service Program'. It took as its start point, the view that Council's primary mission was to serve the community and that all of its activities were about service and service delivery.

Bio-medical Lean testimonial


Through our Lean transition, our processes for all new projects have improved dramatically. In fact, since the beginning of 2014, our efficiency has improved by 74%.”

“We have identified process improvements that can reduce the timeline from 104 weeks, making our new target timeline 18 weeks

Ozgene had its best year in 15 years of operations thanks to our staff and consultants supported by Michael McLean and his team supported by the Federal Dept of Industry Innovation and Science Continuous Improvement Program Grant.  If you are unfamiliar with Lean ideas? Frank has a link to a few videos from an early interview with Steve Jobs to get you on your way.


Building Materials testimonial


“The cultural change and shift in operating processes will enhance performance and assist us to achieve continuous improvement” http://www.boral.com.au/Images/common/pdfs/BITN/BITN_issue1_2011.pdf

“Michael McLean’s involvement made this achievable” Ms Joanne Furtner, Boral CMG, National CI Manager. 1995 - 2004.