Supply Chain Risk

Performance Excellence - Shingo


NZBEF Performance Excellence Conference March 2019 Auckland.  Changi Airport, Ozgene, Australian Defence, Automotive and Aerospace case studies with Research & ISO 9004 Sustained Success

Industry & Government Entities


 Design of eLearning, Supply Chain CI Routes, Industry Impacting Changes, ISO Standards Compliance for Employer Associations, Commonwealth and State Governments 

Hunter Defence Task Force Firm


 As Australian Industry Group (AiG) representative for Standards Australia for supporting their National Members in  Hunter Defence Sector and other industry supply chain capabilities

Supply Chain Improvements


Supply Chain Risk Analysis to improve, measure and mutually report Customers to Suppliers' Performance Management Systems 

Supply Chain Collaborations


 Designing strategies to drive internal processes improvements, controls and assurance for sustained collaborations (ISO 44001)

Evidence Based Research


 Benchmarking supply chains and risks to build capabilities, competencies and capacities to future proof businesses supply chains